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Welcome to a new Episode Hack editorial blog! Today we will talk about Episode Hack and how you can hack Episode gems and passes. Numerous online games are available to play; you have to pay for some while some are free. These games provided for different groups of people, it depends on the preferences of each individual. Episode – Choose Your Story is an exciting and motivating game which has been generating waves in the online world. As this game is so viral now, we will like to inform you of some development of some episode cheats on episode choose your story, such as, episode hack, episode hack gems and episode cheats for gems (for generating free gems and passes), episode hacked apk created for episode cheats iPhone, episode hack iOS/Android. Is that a good new?

Our official background hack

We raise kudos to Pocket Gems for creating such a great game. It permits interested players to be immersed in the interactive story-lines of the different writers that wrote the various stories. Just continue reading to know and gain more exciting things about this game and it offers.

Episode Choose Your Story, game

Let’s quickly give you an introduction to this game. Been an innovative game, it’s easy and free to download on your device both IOS and Android. This is available for download for free on the Google Play store and Apple App store. Episode Choose Your Story, is a game where everyone who is interested in making versatile storylines can get it created, create characters of their choice and share their story with an enormous community of players and readers, as it is an avenue for players to develop their storylines, to get bored of this game would be a hard challenge.

The massive player-base and all different platforms in this game have contributed in 2017 to the massive success of this game. The player-base typically entails teenagers, maybe since it at times reflects a relaxed lifestyle to their own since most of them revolve around relationships, dating, and dressing up. You can play the game on tablets and smartphones.

TV Series and the game

The game has even branched out recently into making story-lines for prominent TV series, among which is Episode Pretty Little Liars. The recent storyline arc set in the first season of Pretty Little Liars, and any of their characters such as Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria, and even the mysterious “A” can be of use to you. And also, your decisions make in this game will create an effect on the plot of the storyline.

Gems and passes are very much essential in progressing the game it’s even more necessary because, in this game, purchases are used to buy numerous game items such as dresses, while this stuff can also be used to spending time with unique characters, this means it is nice to make use of them intelligently.

The Importance of Gems and Passes in this Game

As it’s in all video games, you will need some specific things to continue playing the Episode – Choose Your Story game. In most games, you would need to wait for your crops to grow and mature, while in some, the “currency” to proceed with the game takes the form of a fuel recharge, and in some games, you would need to wait till your dish cooks or your cake bakes. Likewise, in Episodes – Choose Your Story hack you need not to wait what you just need is to gather gems and passes to play.

These gems and passes are essential to this game since without them you won’t be able to continue with your story. To collect gems and passes there are a few different ways. One of the ways is to wait while gems are generating if you have the endurance and you’re willing to wait for a day. Because it produces every day, then you will be able to proceed with the game. This is the most testing method and simplest way to get your gems and passes. Although it may be very frustrating to wait for gems and passes when you are in the center of a motivating story, and you find it difficult to wait to find out more!

Some of our Hack reviews

Can I share Episode Hack with my friends?

Okay! Do we have some other methods to get gems and passes? Yes, we have another exciting way to get gems and passes. And that is to use referral codes from other players. Try to visit any forum on the Episodes game. You will see many people willing to share with you their referral code just to help you out.

As the story moves further, you will also need gems to get things like unique outfits for your protagonist. Different wears will require you to part with a different number of gems. Occasionally implementing specific activities and successes could also earn you some gems and passes.

However, if you can afford to spend money on video games, you can buy gems and passes with money. Just be mindful that if you wish to switch phones soon, then it is better for you to wait, before acquiring any gems or passes.

It is particularly right, you might be planning to switch from an IOS device to an Android device or vice versa. Meanwhile the method of transferring gems and passes from a mobile device to the other is possible only from an Android to another Android or from an IOS device to another IOS device. But It is not yet possible to transfer gems and passes from an IOS device to an Android device or vice versa. Possibly sometime in the nearest future, a solution to this problem would be found.

Examples of motivating storylines with Episode Hack

This game has several different qualities and inspiring stories that can be played with episode hack or episode cheats. An example of the storylines is called Real Hollywood this is a fantastic storyline that is based on Ella who runs to the director a favorite TV show. Does she intend to be part of the TV show? Does Ella experience any changes in her life? Do you think is she regretting her action? You can now use episode hack gems, and episode cheats for gems to enjoy this and other storylines.

One of the interesting storylines in this great game made by Pocket Gems is an interactive storyline where you have the opportunity of becoming a member. Although in-game only, with pop singer Demi Lovato’s band and the superstar. Through your character, you can perform in collaboration with Demi Lovato and go on board on world tours. You have to live your life ‘at least in your imagination’ as a music star; two seasons have been released so far on this particular story. The name of the first seasons is Path to Fame and the second one is The World Tour. The good news now is that you can play it with episode hacked APK.

Specific storyline

Another great storyline to enjoy is ‘My Brother’s Best Friend’.  This specific storyline base on the life of Emily Winston, who when returns to her family from in London after she had spent the year in abroad. She returns home, but to her disappointment. She found that her beloved brother has offered a room in their house to his best friend. The household has changed its dynamics, and all and sundry struggles to move-on with life. The question now is that, How will Emily amend to meet up with her new life? Seat tight and enjoy the game, but don’t forget that you can play it all with episode cheat iPhone or episode hack iOS/Android. To know more about this hack/cheats, please continue reading.

Episode Hack and Cheats to get Free Gems and Passes

If it happens that you run out of gems and passes while you still wish to continue playing the game without any unexpected interruption. There is exists a solution to avoid this common incidence. We will like to present to you the tools for Episode hack, which are very useful for many players. However there are yet to be too many hack tools for this game, but we currently have only a fair few. Though they all work similarly, but there is a new tool generator version of the episode hack. It is possible with this tool to generate a limitless amount of free gems and passes. So no need of waiting for a day or so to play this game.

There are also some tools for the Episode hack gems. Most of which are outdated and not running any updated software, this can bring difficulties. Such as making the game delay and buffer for added amounts of time by slowing it down. Fortunately, this tool will never cause any problems whatsoever. You can trust this particular Episode cheat tool to work proficiently and fast.

Gems and Passes features of the hack

About Episode Hack online using

This Episode hack system is very safe; as it has been released only after strong programming and tests by our of software developers team and player beta developers.

Episode cheat for gems is 100% undetectable from game servers and other players, as users privacy is an essential element. So, you have not to worry about the game recognizing that you have gotten gems through an unusual means. With this, there is no risk of being banned from playing the game or getting your episode gems and passes invalidated.

Don’t you think it would be overwhelming if you have the advantage to continue playing Episode – Choose Your Story game with no unnecessary interruptions due to a lack of gems and passes? Good, players of this game can rejoice from the time when there appears there is a solution to the problem. There is an Episode Choose Your Story game hack tool available which many players of this game are making use of, and they are enjoying it. Moreover, it is one of the top online hack tools on the internet. We have fashioned an online tool and episode hack APK to generate an infinite number of free gems and passes. And this is indeed an innovative and untraceable cheating engine.

Installation process of the hack

How trustworthy is this hack?

There are many hacking tools available for the Episode game. But the truth is that not all those tools are trustworthy and reliable. Many of which might introduce needless Trojans or viruses into your devices. Some can even place an extreme strain on your system thereby causing it to slow down or your phone to hang repeatedly. While some others might also not work at all.

However, this cheat code tool is completely safe and secure as it will not lead to any such matter since it works online and on your web browser. This means that it will not ask you to install or download any extensions or other additional add-ons. As there is no third-party intervention, this online cheating tool works fast and smooth.

As episode cheats are free to use and 100% online! Another plus point of the episode hack IOS/Android, and episode cheats’ iPhone tool is that it is enormously user-friendly and effortless to use as well. You need not be a technical guru before you can be able to use this tool.

Instructions of the episode hack

Short Instructions of the Hack

To start using the cheating hack tool (which produces infinite gems & passes), the first step you would need to take is to sign up by entering your email and account username below, then click the submit button. Once the identity check complete, the servers will process your request. Your Episode account will get a random amount of free gems and passes. A verification message will be sent to your email address immediately the procedure is complete.

Things to note

Every time you want to use the hack tool, make sure you sign in with the correct username. And be mindful that username is different from the email address that you used when signing up. It is not the same, and in case you forget it, you can get it right by checking under Settings.

After signing in with your username, the next thing is to choose your preferred device on which you want to use for playing the game. Then, you would also need to specify whether you wish to use a proxy when playing with the hack tool. It is advisable and a good idea to choose proxy if you have a secure internet connection; otherwise, the game might be somehow slow down.

Interestingly, you are free to choose many gems and passes you would need. Great?, Now you continue playing your beloved Episode game on any of your preferred device. Such as, episode cheats iPhone or episode hack IOS/Android which lasts almost forever. And you can make use of it anytime without paying for gems or passes.

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